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Florida teacher arrested for bringing loaded handgun and knives to elementary school

CNN Top News - 36 min ago
A fourth-grade teacher in Seminole, Florida, was arrested on Monday for bringing a loaded gun and two knives to Starkey Elementary School.
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Abortion rights advocates protest as more states pass fetal heartbeat bills

CNN Top News - 53 min 10 sec ago
Holly Nunn is expecting her first baby in September, so it was with a bright pink shirt and a protruding belly that she joined an abortion rights rally outside the US Supreme Court on Tuesday.
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Alabama Public Television bans same-sex wedding episode

CNN Top News - 56 min 38 sec ago
Alabama Public Television refused to air an episode of children's show "Arthur" that featured a same-sex wedding.
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House panel issues subpoenas for Hicks and Donaldson

CNN Top News - 59 min 36 sec ago
The House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday issued subpoenas to former White House officials Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson for documents and testimony, setting the stage for another clash with the White House over former officials appearing before Congress.
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Investigators to check hospital's actions in case of Ochoa-Lopez's baby

CNN Top News - 1 hour 15 sec ago
Now that police believe a Chicago woman killed a pregnant teen, cut the unborn baby from her womb and pretended the infant was hers, investigators will check whether the hospital that received the baby should have reported any suspicions to the state.
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Meet the new toys in 'Toy Story 4'

CNN Top News - 1 hour 3 min ago
Pixar Animation released the trailer for 'Toy Story 4' which is set to come out in June.
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First on CNN: Another top Trump aide eyes exit as legislative activity dries up

CNN Top News - 1 hour 5 min ago
President Donald Trump's point person on Capitol Hill, Shahira Knight, is leaving her post as multiple aides in the White House legislative affairs office and beyond eye the exits heading into a campaign season that will likely freeze legislative activity on both sides of the aisle.
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French widow sues Boeing for $276 million

CNN Top News - 1 hour 6 min ago
A French widow has filed a lawsuit against US aircraft manufacturer Boeing for $276 million in damages over the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max 8 in March, which killed all 157 people on board -- including her husband.
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Nadler is feeling the heat on impeachment

CNN Top News - 1 hour 14 min ago
Pressure is mounting for House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler to launch impeachment proceedings, but the New York Democrat is weighing dueling loyalties to eager members and to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has urged her caucus to stay the course on investigations and ignore the growing chorus for what would become a bitterly divisive process.
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Special counsel's team hesitant about Mueller testimony

CNN Top News - 1 hour 23 min ago
Special counsel Robert Mueller's team has expressed reluctance to him testifying publicly in front of the House Judiciary Committee, according to sources familiar with the matter.
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Teen is about to graduate from high school — and Harvard

CNN Top News - 1 hour 30 min ago
Braxton Moral walked across the stage Sunday at his high school in Ulysses, Kansas, as a newly-minted graduate.
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A man who spent nearly 46 years in prison for a wrongful conviction will get $1.5 million

CNN Top News - 1 hour 42 min ago
Imprisoned for more than 45 years for a murder he didn't commit, Richard Phillips spent more time behind bars than any other wrongfully imprisoned person in America.
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