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Tenant F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

- I would like to get some more information.

This is the most frequent question/request we get. Unfortunately it is also the most vague one there can be. We try to provide all the information about the property and our policies in our rental ads and this website, but unless there is some specificity, we cannot guess what kind of information (that we haven't provided already) one may seek...

- Is the property still available?

We typically update availability status immediately if an applicant has been accepted for a given property. Please check our website at http://rentpcf.com for the most updated availability status.

- Where is it located?

Please visit our website and click on the property’s address for an exact map. In general, our properties are in the North part of the Houston metropolitan area.

- Do you have any other vacancies?

We do not have any other available properties other than those that appear on this website.

- What is the process to rent one of your properties?

Upon request, a property specific application form will be provided to prospective applicants. All adult intended occupants will have to fill and submit one together with the application fee.

Upon receipt of the application (together with all requested documentation, a list of which is on the last page of our application form), we process it ourselves.

Once the processing, verification and evaluation is completed, if the applicant's net cash flow is sufficient to comfortably afford the property (and typically [not always] that translates to income being 3.5-4 or more times the rent amount), we will come back with a proposal on the security deposit (see below about how we determine the amount).

If the deposit is acceptable, we then proceed either with the signature of the rental agreement (upon payment of the move-in amount) or signing a holding agreement (with a holding deposit payment). Information on both move-in amount as well as holding terms also below. If the deposit is not acceptable, the journey ends there...

We typically process applications within a few business hours and certainly no more than a day or two. We also tend not to process concurrent applications for the same property making prospective tenants "compete" against each other. We "open" the property for a second applicant only after a first applicant has either not been successful or has not accepted an offer from us.

- How much is the rent?

The rent is the amount that appears on the rental ad and our website. Depending on market conditions we usually offer discount incentives for longer term leases (2+ years).

- How much is the security deposit?
Our security deposits unlike most landlords “out there” are based on a predefined range (depending on the property) with the exact amount to be determined upon evaluation of the applicant’s financial profile through their application. Their amounts reflect the business risk we are willing to take. A security deposit is yours to have refunded back to you at the end of your tenancy, provided you have fulfilled your contractual obligations and you are in good standing. Our security deposit evaluation criteria include:
  • Applicant’s Financial Profile
    • Income documentation (or lack thereof)
    • Income to Rent ratio
    • Total Debt to Income ratio
    • Net Worth
    • Debt Payment Patterns (Late payments, collections, judgments)
    • Monthly [free] cash-flow
    • Bank references (or lack thereof)
    • Reserves (or lack thereof)
  • Applicant’s Rental History (and rent payment history)
    • Eviction Petitions
    • Late Payments
    • NSF Payments
  • Applicant’s Job History

The riskier the profile, the higher the security deposit will be within the predefined range, and vice versa (in cases of extreme risk an application may be denied or the deposit may exceed the predefined range). If you are opposed to that, this may not be the right property for you.

Do you accept Section 8?

Yes, we do accept the Housing Choice Vouchers. We have been and are currently working with both the Housing Authorities that serve the Houston MSA as well as the Baytown Housing Authority for many years and are very familiar with the paperwork and process. However, the Voucher amount needs to match (or exceed) the rent amount. Although many prospective Tenants ask for them, it is illegal to do “I’ll pay the difference” side deals. Not to mention that it puts the voucher recipient at risk of losing their voucher as well. Our rents are within the Housing Authority guidelines for the number of bedrooms our properties have, and we can provide market comparables to support them.

How much is the move-in amount?

The move-in amount is the security deposit (determinable as described above) plus the first period’s rent until the next due date. Our tenants are free to select when they want to pay their rent and how often. We are open to any frequency from bi-weekly and above and any day/date combination to facilitate your cash flow and minimize potential late fees.

I am planning to move in 2-3 months. Can I make a deposit to hold the property?

Upon acceptance of an application, our holding policy is for a period of up to 10 days. For applicants assisted by a housing authority we will hold the property until an inspection is scheduled (typically takes no longer than a couple of weeks). In both cases above, a holding deposit (min $800) will be required within a day or 2 of acceptance (which will be applied towards the security deposit for the property) and a rental agreement will need to be signed at the end of the holding period. Should you change your mind about renting the property at the end of the holding period, a portion of your holding deposit ($650) will be forfeited. If your target move-in date is further in the future please check in with us 2-3 weeks before your intended move-in date for an update on our vacancies at that time.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, our policy is “They break it - you pay it”. If we can agree on that, pets are welcome.

Are utilities included?

Unless otherwise specified in the rental listing, no.

Who is responsible for maintenance?

The Tenant will be responsible for all ongoing maintenance and minor repairs. Our rental agreement requires a high level of tenant responsibility and self support. Maintenance (and preventive maintenance) can be very costly. Maintenance free living comes with many apartment communities and we are sure there are plenty in the vicinity of our property. We do not offer that.

I have some negative items in my credit/low credit score, will that be a problem?

That will not be a problem for us. We evaluate individually based on business risk, not on credit score. Please read the answer on the security deposits question above. Risk is addressed by the amount of security deposit, so, if the cash flow is there to support the rent payment, being approved is not going to be a problem.

What income do you require?

Our income guideline is 3.5-4x the amount of the rent. However, the most important factor is [free] cash flow. You will have to be able to document affordability of the rent payment (as well as the property ongoing expenses). One could be making 5x the rent amount in income, yet not have sufficient free cash flow to afford the rent payment. It is healthier (we believe) for both Tenant and Landlord to do a realistic evaluation and accept potential cash flow limitations, than find themselves in the JP court’s eviction docket shortly after the move in because promises were made and not kept. Been there, done that, not want to do that in the future.

I have an eviction in my record; does that mean I cannot be approved?

No. If you have been truthful about it in your application, it will not be a problem. However, it will be a major factor in the determination of your security deposit amount (see above).

How is the neighborhood?

The answer to this question is quite subjective. All our properties are in middle class, newer neighborhoods and have been built after the year 2000 (=modern floor plans, more energy efficient and less prone to problems than older homes). We recommend that you visit the areas yourself and drive around to get a better picture/feeling. If you are moving from a different state (and we’ve had Tenants in the past who have rented properties without even seeing the property itself in person) we strongly recommend that you try to do as much online research as possible to make sure that the location fits your future commuting needs.